Dashdoc x Shippeo

Eliminate order entry. Save valuable time for your dispatchers

The problem?

Shippers buy softwares to manage their shipments and send transport orders.

Often these platforms allow them to send orders, track transport statuses, retrieve documents, and sometimes retrieve real-time tracking information.

For carriers, this becomes a problem as it may involve many actions to be performed in these tools:

  • Check which orders are assigned;

  • Accept transport orders on the platform;

  • Create new orders in their own Transport Management Softwares;

  • Add information such as vehicle license plates on every transport order on the platform;

  • Update statuses (e.g. transport completed with a date and time);

  • Attach documents, proof of delivery.

These actions are time-consuming, require teams to be trained on many tools, and a deep understanding of the client's needs and operations.

Why connecting Shippeo and Dashdoc ?

By connecting Shippeo with Dashdoc, many manual actions are eliminated and automated. The operator no longer needs to perform duplicate actions in their software and the shipper's platform.

This represents significant time savings for all teams.

What are the advantages of connecting Shippeo and Dashdoc ?

Eliminate double entry and save time:

  • When a transport order is accepted on Shippeo, it is instantly created on Dashdoc. No need to enter the transport order into their TMS anymore;

  • When a transport is assigned to a vehicle on Dashdoc, this pairing is directly transmitted to Shippeo so the customer can track the execution of the transport. No need for the carrier to update the license plate on the transport order in Shippeo;

  • Once the transport is completed on Dashdoc, the "Completed" status is automatically updated in Shippeo if telematics tracking is done through sending the license plate to Shippeo;

  • When proof of delivery is updated on Dashdoc, it is uploaded to Shippeo so the customer can access it.

Best customer service level:

  • Automatic update of information provides great reliability for shippers who have access to real-time data;

  • The integration between Dashdoc and Transporeon allows the customer to access the best level of transport tracking compared to manual and retrospective information updates.

The Dashdoc-Shipppeo connection in one number

5 minutes saved per transport order for dispatch.


Shippeo is a shipper platform mainly used for transport management and track & trace.


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