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Get profitable ! Finally a Transportation Management Software that gets your point of view. Automate tasks from planning to invoicing for your team, drivers and subcontractors.

Transporteur heureux de son TMS transport


Carriers, you are dealing with major challenges

Fuel prices

Price increases have a direct impact on profit margins.

Extended working hours

Wether you manage everything from your truck or spend the weekend at your desk, the job is demanding.

Driver hirings

Turnover, Ukrainian crisis. It is harder and harder to recruit and keep drivers!

Time to act with software that fuels your growth

Dashdoc is the TMS for ambitious carriers, the software that makes the difference and helps you grow your business.

For dispatch

  • Avoid double data entry. Accelerate transport creation. Automate transport creation from shipper platforms

  • Centralize every transport information and track real time evolution

  • Send missions to drivers. Retrieve information from the field.

  • Keep an eye on your transports in real time

  • Avoid phone calls from customers informing them

For invoicing

  • Get proofs of delivery instantly. Manage unexpected events proactively

  • Invoice as soon as the transport is done comparing expected vs done and using tariff grids

  • Save up to ten days in invoicing process, speed up payment

  • Save hundred of paper documents per driver per year with electronic documents

For business profitability

  • Save 30% productivity on your workforce accelerating all tasks

  • Reduce your costs by 2 to 5% with planning & ressources optimization and visibility of all your transports

  • Manage your activity and access KPIs to make sure you're profitable on all transports

  • Increase your revenue by over 5% organically YoY: a high quality of service increases customer retention and loyalty

For your customers

  • Invite customers on a dedicated portal to access every information

  • Send customers notifications as emails, SMS at the right time to track their goods

  • Share ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) with customers to help them streamline operations

  • Let customers directly send orders and/or get quotes.

  • Collaborate by sharing expected delivery informations, sharing proofs of delivery, invoices and transport tracking

Carrier Engelbosch

Logo Dashdoc

"We chose Dashdoc for its price, ease of use, speed to put in place. All information regarding transports, drivers and document management are now centralized. I can easily duplicate my planning. We'll save 3 to 4 hours per week per dispatcher. Our drivers use the mobile app from TMS for all status updates on transport and electronic signature. It's available in more than 10 languages and every driver can use it. They are now used to it and see added value."

Floris Servranckx

Dispatching manager, Vervoer Engelbosch, 40 trucks

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