Get rid of the paper, switch to eCMR

Digitalize your consignment notes for smoother transports and do not waste precious time with paper documents!

  • All your transport documents available in one click

  • No more paper

  • Ultra fast invoicing

They switched to eCMR

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What are the advantages of the electronic waybill ?

8 minutes per transport

No more paper management. Save time on each transport

6k€ of cash per vehicle

Invoice as soon as the transport is completed, speed up the payment

0 loss

Don't lose any more documents. Centralize everything in one place


Internationally recognized legal value. Protection of your data


Eliminate paper consumption, over 400 documents per driver per year!

How does the eCMR work ?

  1. Create your transport orders

  2. Assign the transport to a driver

  3. Send the mission to the driver

  4. Driver validates transport documents

  5. Signatures at loading, unloading

  6. Relax, you can transport!

eCMR being signed by the driver

It's legal!

  • Approved in 32 Countries

  • Electronic signature of documents. Memories of the COVID period

  • More information, fewer disputes. Reinforced evidence, photos, timestamp, GPS position, status

  • Functional offline mode, even in the forest !

  • Real-time sharing of documents with your partners and customers (weighing slip, photos of the merchandise, etc.)

Countries where eCMR is legal

Figures about eCMR

8 minutes saved

per transport order

CA augmentation - Dashdoc eCMR

+3 to 5% increase in revenue

Thanks to the customer portal that gives you visibility

Appels en moins - eCMR Dashdoc

30% fewer incoming calls

with the collaborative portal and information exchange

... and eCMR words


Maikel Bou Ghazale

Director of PROTER

We save 3 hours at the end of each month for invoicing operations. The waybills are much more readable and the advantage is that the application is translated into more than 17 languages. Drivers can use it very easily."


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): the electronic waybill

Why does e-CMR increase productivity?

Your driver takes 1 photo to illustrate a loading reserve. A pallet refusal from your customer? All the information is instantly available online. You have immediate access to attachments: the eCMR is complete, there is no room for error

Electronic consignment note and invoicing: what impact?

Real-time tracking allows you to start invoicing as soon as the service is completed. No more invoicing the following month.

Save up to 20% on cash flow with eCMR transport!

Going paperless with e-CMR: what changes?

The cardboard boxes and the archive room are no longer relevant. Use Dashdoc's powerful filters and find all your documents in a few moments

Find all your documents quickly by location, driver, reference. Download documents and share them. Contribute to the ecological transition by reducing the use of paper.

If I use e-CMR, is my data secure?

Yes! e-CMR has an internationally recognized legal value. The data related to the electronic consignment note is kept and accessible beyond the regulatory period (7 years).

Your shipping documents and all attachments are encrypted and stored on secure servers to ensure that your documents are accessible no matter what.

Is e-CMR compatible with my software?

Yes, the connection is guaranteed between the waybill and your Dashdoc TMS (or other), your invoicing software, etc.

Is the electronic waybill legal in France?

Yes, our signatures respect the requirements of the French law and the protocol on the electronic CMR with a level of "Advanced Signature" in the sense of the European regulation eIDAS.*

Dashdoc replaces paper documents and signatures to reinforce the security of the transport contract.

* The "eIDAS" Regulation n°910/2014 of July 23, 2014 establishes a common base for secure electronic interactions between citizens, businesses and public authorities within the European Union. Consult the map of countries adhering to the eCMR.

Get rid of the paper, get your business way further