Transport planning

Plan profitable shipments and track their execution on a collaborative schedule. Don't wait any longer to gain visibility!

The 3 main advantages of the planning

Time-saving data entry

Schedule optimization

Ergonomics and collaboration

Create your transports quickly

  • Mass duplication capability

  • Intelligent transport templates and suggestions

  • Creation by the driver from the application

  • Entry by the customer from his portal

Advanced options for automated transport creation :

  • Excel file import

  • PDF reading by Artificial Intelligence

Work on a visual planning that adapts to your needs

  • Drag-and-drop job planning

  • View by driver or vehicle

  • Display of unavailabilities (vacation of drivers, vehicle maintenance, etc.)

  • Easy overall visualization thanks to color coding

Visual Planning - Planning Page

Optimize your planning for profitable transport

  • Sales per driver directly visible on the schedule

  • Optimized mileage and loading

  • Cartographic display of routes

Optimize your planning - Planning Page

Benefit from real-time schedule updates

Transport status is updated automatically and in real time thanks to :

  • Telematics connection

  • Driver feedback through the application

Dashdoc connects in 1 click with all the market's telematics systems

Visibility and Quality of Service - Planning Page

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