Immediate transport invoicing

Control your transport information with precision, edit personalized invoices in a single click, share them and reduce your collection time.

Picture Invoicing - EN Product TMS

A faster invoicing process

Fast, instant data feedback

Simplified, customizable invoice editing

One-click payment receipt

Invoicing Control

  • Quantities loaded / delivered

  • Tracking of kilometers traveled

  • Supports used (pallets, etc.)

  • Hours of loading/delivery

  • Transport time

Access to pictures, scans and document control

  • Consignment note & CMR, eCMR

  • Scanned documents (delivery notes, weighing slips, BSD...)

  • Optical document recognition - Weighing slips, consignment notes, delivery notes

  • Pictures of goods, vehicles, disputes

Access pictures - TMS product

Simplified transport pricing

  • Direct access to tariff grids

  • Automatic feedback of waiting times on site

  • Automated calculation of diesel indexation

Creation of invoices & credit notes

  • Create and share proformas

  • One-click invoice creation from controlled shipments

  • Issue credit notes

  • The customer can customize his own invoice

  • Creation of non-transport invoices

Invoices' sharing & payment

  • One-click sharing of invoices and proofs of delivery

  • Follow-up on shared invoices, reminder management

  • Monitoring of overdue invoices

  • DSO tracking

  • Instant payment of invoices by customers

Sharing and Paying Invoices - TMS Product

Accounting exports

  • Send PDF invoices

  • Connection to accounting tool

  • FEC export

Charter pre-invoicing

  • Invoice verification for charter shipments

  • Export of pre-invoices for charter shipments

Reducing disputes

  • Instant feedback on reservations and disputes

  • Access to time-stamped and geolocated evidence

Reducing disputes - TMS product

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