Chartering, transport subcontracting

Dashdoc's chartering module offers you traceability, control and centralized communication... Control all your shipments, their quality and your budget !

Picture Freight - TMS Product

Benefits of the chartering module

Control your margin

Simplified communication

Centralized information

Transport allocation

  • Allocation assistance: access to price grids and purchase history

  • Possibility of automatic allocation

  • Multi-carrier quote request

  • Send charter confirmation

The quotation request allows you to consult several carriers simultaneously on the same order by centralizing returns.

Charter schedule

  • Visualize the activities assigned to your transport partners and your margins

  • Follow the progress of transport operations thanks to an intuitive display

  • Easily access the transport budget committed to your transport partners

Global vision of all your transportation needs, whether in-house or outsourced

Charters communication, files updated

  • Charter portal for your subcontractors

  • Send orders and charter confirmations

  • Transfer of field data to your transport file

  • Automated reminders for missing information

  • Mobile application for charter drivers

  • Telematics connection for charterers, automatic status feedback

  • Charterer API connection, file updates

Communication with Chartered Transports - Chartering Page TMS Product

Charter indicators and performance

  • Control of charter budget by transport volume according to routes

  • Quality control of subcontracting partners

  • Analysis of charter margins and purchasing history

Reports - Chartering Page

Charter pre-invoicing

  • Charter price lists and pre-invoicing

  • Export of pre-invoices for charter partners

  • Invoice control for charter partners

Pre-invoicing - Chartering Page

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