CO2 Calculation, control your carbon footprint

Anticipate the future and commit to an environmentally responsible approach to calculating CO2 emissions during transport.

CO2 calculation - TMS Product

Respect your CSR commitments

Automated CO2 calculation - TMS Product

Automated CO2 calculation

Share with partners and customers - Product TMS

Share with customers and partners

Norm ISO 14083:2023

Automatic calculation of emissions

  • Calculation of emission integrated automatically to your transport order creation

  • Make an informed choice of itinerary based on the optimized kilometers but also the carbon impact

Automatic calculation of CO2 emissions

Ensure compliance with legislation

  • Engage a real CSR approach in your company

  • Calculation based on Norm ISO 14083:2023

  • Be able to follow your own progress on your CO2 objectives


The European Commission wants to reduce CO2 emissions from road freight transport by 90% by 2050. Now is the time to act.

International Norm ISO - TMS Product

Share information easily with your partners

  • Sharing the calculation of CO2 emissions by transport

  • Provision of a 0 paper transport file

Share information - TMS Product

Get a full CO2 report

  • Export of the different possible transports in Excel format

  • Carbon footprint visible at the bottom of the invoice

  • Easily download or email CO2 reports to your partners

CO2 information sharing - TMS Product

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