Transforming road transport

Dashdoc, it's a story that mixes human and transport since 2018, already! Our mission is simply to facilitate the exchange of information in the road transport of goods, to understand and meet the daily needs of the sector.

Photo de l'équipe Dashdoc

A little bit of figures about us...



In Paris, Nantes et Anvers





In France and Benelux

250 000

Transports per month

13 000


Starting point

The Road Freight Transport is evolving under economic and ecological constraints with a strong demand for customer service. It is time to focus on the transport activity and not to waste time on tasks with little added value.


"The road freight transport sector is going through a major transition period: automation, interconnections, ecology...

For too long, carriers, shippers and drivers have been forced to use complex software, not user-friendly at all, not connected to their tools and not adapted to their needs.

This is why we launched Dashdoc.

Transforming the sector by putting technology at the service of transport professionals.

We believe that the human being has always been at the heart of transportation, and we want to accompany its digital transformation with tools that are not only useful but also pleasant to use."

Benoit Joncquez - CEO of Dashdoc

Benoit Joncquez, CEO de Dashdoc