Dock Scheduling software

Eliminate phone calls, emails, excel sheets with Dashdoc Flow. Have your carriers book appointments online.

Connect your Warehouses with your carriers : carriers, brokers and suppliers.

  • Decrease detention fees

  • Save time and reduce labor costs

  • KPIs and real time status updates

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Dock management made easy

Logistic managers

Facilitate loading and unloading operations with better coordination among all stakeholders. The end of Excel and emails.

Logistic teams

From a smartphone or tablet, all information about loading and unloading is accessible to the teams. The end of hundreds of hours wasted due to uncertainties in managing arrivals and departures.

Carriers, brokers, suppliers

A simple and fast reservation with just one click from a smartphone or computer to choose the slot that suits your activity. No more time wasted waiting for pickup.

Collaborative planning

Say goodbye to Excel and calls thanks to a collaborative schedule accessible to all stakeholders.

  • Save time by optimizing the allocation of your teams

  • Ensure quick handling

  • Increase security by mastering the flows

Carriers and Suppliers Platform

One-click appointment booking on mobile or computer for your carrier and supplier partners.

  • Time slot reservation

  • Mastering the schedule

  • Connected with Dashdoc TMS

Flow platform - Make an appointment

Customer service always ready to help

Our team of experts, drawn from the world of transport, takes care of you
  • Become autonomous but rely on us thanks to our training courses, webinars, email and telephone support, etc.

  • Reactivity and precision

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Quality and performance

Instantly identify issues to optimize your docks, your team's activity, and the quality of your carrier partners.

  • Performance by zones

  • Slot booking rate

  • Punctuality monitoring

  • Tracking of contingencies

Why does Dashdoc Flow stand out?

So easy to implement

Most of our clients master get familiar with the tool in a few hours ! Get a special support wit the Dashdoc Team.

Reinforce your security, for real

Put an end to accidents, disputes, legal problems caused by waiting times. Guarantee greater safety on your docks, for your staff and your customers.

Save time

Communicate less but better with your customers. Reduce waiting times. Smooth out your activity and avoid stressful peak situations with your in-house teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Dashdoc Flow?

Dashdoc Flow is a comprehensive dock scheduling software designed to streamline and optimize the logistics operations of businesses, particularly those involving inbound and outbound shipments.

2. How does Dashdoc Flow benefit my business?

Dashdoc Flow simplifies the process of scheduling and managing dock appointments, leading to improved operational efficiency, reduced wait times, better resource utilization, and enhanced collaboration between stakeholders.

3. What features does Dashdoc Flow offer?

Dashdoc Flow provides a range of features including appointment scheduling, automated notifications, real-time visibility into dock activities, customizable workflows, reporting and analytics, integration with other systems, and more.

4. How does the 14-day trial work?

The 14-day trial of Dashdoc Flow allows you to experience the full capabilities of the software with no commitment. Simply sign up for the trial, explore the features, schedule appointments, and assess how Dashdoc Flow can benefit your business.

5. Is technical support available during the trial?

Yes, technical support is available to assist you throughout the trial period. If you have any questions or encounter any issues while using Dashdoc Flow, our support team is here to help.

6. How do carriers schedule appointments with Dashdoc Flow?

Carriers can easily book appointments through Dashdoc Flow's user-friendly interface through the carrier Login button.

Registering an account is fast and easy with a name, e-mail, and company name.

Carriers can search for warehouses by city, state, company name, or address, access available time slots, select preferred dates and times, provide shipment details, and receive instant confirmation, streamlining the appointment booking process.

Dashdoc Flow offers a convenient 1-page overview that can be easily emailed to all carrier contacts. This overview contains detailed instructions on how to register on our platform at and how to proceed with scheduling an appointment.

For seamless coordination, we advise including a note in all load tenders directing carriers to "schedule appointments at" whenever either the origin or destination facilities use Dashdoc Flow.

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