Dashdoc x Quickbooks

Simplify invoice processing and speed up payment. Reduce your accounting burden.

Why connect Dashdoc to Quickbooks ?

There are many advantages to take into account for the manager of your company :

  • Avoid errors when re-entering invoices. And save time by doing the processes only once when processing the invoices.

  • Manage absolutely all the invoicing from Dashdoc since it can be done automatically as soon as the transport is finished.

  • Centralize the invoicing in one place: the Dashdoc TMS becomes the reference for all your transport information.

And most of all, there are advantages for the accountant :

In one click, your accountant finds in Quickbooks all the invoices generated from your Dashdoc account ! No more diving into long research for a single document.


Quickbooks is an invoicing and accounting software.


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